Pure Italian Craftsmanship and Innovation

In 1969 Angelo Trabaldo created Trabaldo srl, a company specialized in the production of wooden chairs, where craftsmanship is synonymous with product quality, where Made in Italy is a way of doing and thinking.

With the evolution of the company and by the will of Sonia and Maria Teresa Trabaldo, who became owners of the company, the TrabÀ project was born in 2015 in collaboration with architect Emilio Nanni.

SOMEWHERE RESTAURANT & BAR | Miyako Hotel, Hakata, Japan

An ambitious but concrete project, aimed at the world of contract, where the inspiration matrix is Scandinavian design.

The products remain firmly linked to the artisan tradition, offering complete customization and accompanying accurate quality control, but at the same time organized on an industrial level to carry out large contract projects.

The production process is quality-oriented, with selected and certified raw materials of Italian origin and particular attention to environmental impact and eco-sustainability.

The fruitful collaboration with numerous designers over the years has allowed TrabÀ to expand its collections and quickly become a reference company in the world of contract.

Commitment, tenacity, dynamism and seriousness are the elements that have always distinguished TrabÀ which, in just a few years, has established itself as one of the main competitors in the sector.

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