Design: Emilio Nanni

Download Data Sheet: ItaEng

The collection Balù, It extends adding the version OFFICE, with swivel base 4 metal breeds suitable for multifunction environments, It is given with shell in foamed and with a coned swivel base in chrome, black or white.

The collection includes numerous color variations and tones with the ability to play with different combinations.

The deep and rounded session Balù invites relaxation and conversation. Armrests and backrest are developed in a single band, snug as a hug.

The padding, soft and compact, enhances the clean lines of the chair and promotes comfort. warm and natural Tactility for coating, velor, leather or imitation leather or one of the many fabrics with lots of colors offered by TRABA. Simple supports are slightly inclined and very dry line.

Balù lives a simple life in any room of the house, dal living, to study or bedroom.

The Balù chairs, also in different finishes and coatings, may be freely combined together, both at home and in public areas.